Bring Parents to Canada as Visitors (TRV/Super Visa)

This document is originally written by Dr. Md. Golam Kibria, Assistant Professor (University of Calgary).

Year of Publication: 2019

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I am sure all of us living in Canada have a fervent desire to bring our parents at some point of your life either to show this beautiful country or for any specific cause (e.g., during pregnancy or to take care of your kids). Since I have gone through this process, I will try to write some keys notes to make you understand the whole process easily.

1. Types of visitor visas:

There are two types of visas to bring your parents as visitor: Temporary resident Visa (TRV) and Supervisa. Depending on your situation you can apply for TRV or may be eligible (explained hereafter) to apply for Supervisa. You can apply for TRV/Supervisa for your parent-in-law as well.

2. First you need to know the key difference between TRV and Supervisa status:

3. Which one to choose between TRV and Supervisa?

Use simple math:

Family size = your total family member (you, your spouse, your dependent children) + your parent/s who will be visiting you. For example, if you are single and you are applying for your father and mother, your family size will be 3. Accordingly, if you are married and have one child, and you are applying for your father and mother, your family side will be 5. Now check the LICO table to see if you meet the minimum income requirement to apply for your parents Supervisa. If your income if below the LICO threshold, go for TRV.

4. Difference between required documents: TRV vs Supervisa:

For Supervisa application, your parents must need to go through medical exam to enter Canada, which is not the case for TRV. You must need to provide four additional documents to apply for Supervisa on top of the documents that you need for TRV (see point number 6). These are listed here:

5. How to submit TRV/Supervisa application?

You can either apply online from Canada or send all the documents to your parents to submit paper based application at the VFS center. To avoid hassle for your parents with all those documents, it is better that you submit online application and pay the fee ($185 CAD per person) on their behalf. With online application, your parents do not need to worry about application and biometris fees, taking photos etc. Once you submit the online application, you will immediately receive a “Biometrics Collection Letter” in your cic account used for online application submission, which basically asks that your parents are required to have their fingerprints scanned and photograph taken at the VFS center. You need to send this letter to your parents and ask them to go to the VFS center with their passport. They don’t need to pay anything at VFS as you will be paid the biometric fee ($85 CAD) during your online application submission. Once this process is done and if everything goes well, you will get “Original Passport Submission” request in your cic account in approximately 2 weeks. Your parents need to visit VFS center again with their passports and a copy of these letters. Upon passport submission, it may take approximately one week to get passport collection request from VFS.

6. All the following documents from your parents are required both for TRV and Supervisa: