This document is originally compiled by Abdullah Al Maruf, PhD (University of Toronto) with the help of several contributors. Contributors' names are mentioned in the note.

Year of Publication: 2018

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List of direct contributors:

1. Md. Shamim Ahmed (University of Saskatchewan)

2.Noim Imtiazy Nibir (University of Saskatchewan)

3.Setu Chakraborty (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

4. Pritam Shaha (StFx University)

5. Mir Rejaul Karim (Simon Fraser University)

Recently, in most cases spouses are not getting visa (neither OWP nor TRV) if the applicant used the spouse as “country tie”. If you see recent posts (mid 2019 to onward) from the group, you will see how genuine students are struggling to bring their spouses. If you have done something like this, try to apply after 1-2 semesters and with strong reasons why your spouse did not apply during your application. If you do not have strong reasons to explain, the chance of your spouse getting the visa is very low. If you have strong reasons, your spouse will get the visa. Make sure you provide “strong and legitimate” reasons while applying for spouse and/or children if you decide to apply when you are in Canada.

Apply together and be honest.

In 2020, they have started to reject OWP applications with the following reasons: 

First of all this note is written for those who are already in Canada and who will be applying for a Temporary Residence Visa (TRV) or OWP (Open Work Permit) for their spouses from Bangladesh. How to apply for study permit with your spouse is explained in our main study permit application file.

Special Note:

This note is not an official guideline. Always refer to CIC for an official guideline. Remember, spousal visas has its ups and downs. We have seen frequent rejections of both TRV and OWP in the past, and now we are seeing mostly positive results, especially with OWP. But still situation may change anytime and nothing is guaranteed.

Who can apply for TRV or OWP:


Which one should I apply:




Original Singapore Documents List:


Provided by Md. Shamim Ahmed (University of Saskatchewan).

My documents:

1. Confirmation of enrolment from University of Saskatchewan

2. Copy of my Study Permit

3. Letter from professor/supervisor

4. Copy of letter confirming my scholarship/fellowships

5. Letter from University of Saskatchewan Residence office

6. Proof of existing fund from RBC bank in Canada (CAD 5000)

7. Health coverage documents

8. Tuition fee documents

9. Tax document from Canada

10. Bank Statement and solvency certificate from Dutch Bangla Bank in Bangladesh (150,000)

11. Documents of share market investment

12. Document of financial organization investment

13. Letter from Head of the Department of Farm power and Machinery, BAU

14. Copy of Government Order (GO) from Bangladesh Agricultural University

15. Salary Certificate from Bangladesh Agricultural University

16. Employment certificate from Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU)

17. Employment Certificate from Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University (HSTU)

18. Copy of Birth Certificate

19. Copy of Passport

My wife’s documents:

1. Invitation letter from my husband

2. Passport photocopy

3. FDR documents from bank (TK 40,0000)

4. Bank solvency certificate (TK 35,0000)

5. Four months bank statement

6. Share market investment

7. Itinerary of travel documents

8. Leave letter from Department of Jagannat University

9. Birth certificate

10. Marriage certificate and nikah nama

11. Affidavit of sponsorship from father

12. Property valuation from CA firm

13. Bank solvency of my father (TK 550,000)

14. Bank statements of my father

15. Income tax of my father

16. Holding tax for residential building of my father


Provided by Noim Imtiazy Nibir (University of Saskatchewan).

Singapore Documents List:


You can either apply online or through VFS. Most of the applicants provided police clearance certificates for their spouse.


Application submitted at VFS: August 24, 2017

Application received at Singapore: August 28, 2017

Medical call: October 22, 2017

Medical test: October 26, 2017

Passport call: November 02, 2017

Passport submitted: November 05, 2017

Visa approval email: November 08, 2017

Brief description of our situation:

I am in the 2nd year of my MSc program in the University of Saskatchewan with full fund. Applicant completed her undergrad and masters from a public university in Bangladesh with good academic results from SSC to masters. She has been doing a job in a NGO for 1.5 years and will not get any leave. She had no travel history, no properties or any type of tie back home except her parents. This was her first application for Canadian visa.

Documents submitted: (through VFS)

My wife’s documents:

Sponsors’ documents: (Father)

Sponsors’ documents: (Mother)

Documents from me: (scanned copies of these documents were submitted)

Suggestions provided by Mir Rejaul Karim (Simon Fraser University):

Application Timeline:

Application Submitted: 10 January, 2018

Biometrics Done: 10 January, 2018

Medical Call: 14 January, 2018

Medical Passed: 16 January, 2018

Passport Requested and status changed to approved: 18 January, 2018

List of the documents I have attached in support with our application:

1. Applicant’s Documents:

Cover Letter, Birth Certificate, Academic Certificates, Bank statements, Marriage Certificate,

Nikah Nama and Some Photos as Proof of Relationship

2. Applicant’s husband’s documents:

Forwarding letter, Passport, Study permit, Funding letters, Enrollment letters, Pay stubs, Bank statements and Breakdown of cost estimation during our stay together

3. Applicant’s Sponsor’s documents:

Declaration letter, CA evaluation of properties, Job certificate

NB: My whole application processing took only 9 days in total! I think it was because the submitted documents were very organized and we didn’t submit any redundant documents. My suggestion will be not to submit any unnecessary documents as that will just make the visa officer confused and will only weaken your application. Best of luck!

Sample Cover Letters: OWP:

SAMPLE-1: Provided by Noim Imtiazy Nibir (University of Saskatchewan).

Sample Cover Letter from Applicant:

August 11, 2000

High Commission of Canada to Singapore

Subject: Cover letter for Open Work Permit (OWP) application

Respected Visa Officer,

I, X with passport no. 1234, am applying here for an open work permit to be with my husband, Y with Passport no. 5678, while doing his masters there. He got the study permit (issued on 2000/01/01 and valid till 2000/01/01) to pursue his MSc in QQQ from the University of ABC which started from September 2000. I want to go to Canada and stay with my husband to support him mentally and in all other aspects.

We got married on 00 January, 2000 after a long relationship since 2000. We both love each other a lot. Since my husband has been my biggest strength and support, living without him feels like I am helpless, I do not find any happiness in me. I cannot think of passing a single day without him. Yet, I had to live alone and try to get used to it. But it has been extremely tough and now, it has become unbearable to stay without my husband anymore.

I completed my Bachelor of Science in ABC and Master of Science in DEF from ABC University, Bangladesh with good academic result. As you might know, ABC is the largest employment sector here in Bangladesh. There is ample opportunity for ABC to build their career in Bangladesh. I got job offers after completing my undergraduate, but I did not accept those offers due to my desire of pursuing higher studies. Finally, I accepted a job offer shortly after completing my masters in 2000. I am still doing that job as an XYZ. But now, I am ready to leave everything behind to go to any part of the world where my husband is. I have never been in need of going abroad before but now I need it badly to support my husband and to improve my own mental condition.

It was so unfortunate that we could not even stay together for a long period of time after marriage because he had to leave for his studies in Canada. He left just 1.5 months after our marriage and since then we have been apart. It is a matter of great sorrow for us that we have never been able to pass any special occasion together, not even our first marriage anniversary. He is all alone there and becomes really sad when such occasions come. And because of his sadness, I cannot even think of enjoying an occasion without him. It is not possible for him to come and see me time to time. Being alone myself and thinking of my husband’s sufferings, I have become frustrated and I really do not want to stay away anymore. I would like to support him when he is in a bad time and also enjoy happy times and different occasions together.

I have no fascination of staying in Canada forever. Rather I just want to be with my husband. I could have applied for other types of visa for spouses, but I have been a financially independent person for a long time. I have not been dependent on anybody for money since 2000 when I completed my higher secondary education. While studying in university, I used to teach school and college students in private sessions to bear my own expenses. If I am allowed to go to Canada, I do not want to be a burden on my husband. I do not want him to worry about my expenses and hamper his studies. This is why I am applying for an OWP which will enable me to be with my husband and get a suitable job for me as well. I received a generous amount of money as gift from my marriage and also I have saved some money from my salary in my bank account to support myself in Canada. I know my own saving is not enough to bear all the cost. That is why my father and mother have agreed to sponsor all my expenses including foods, transportation, and all others. My parents just want me to be happy and they are ready to spend whatever they have for their only daughter’s happiness. The amount of available liquid money from my sponsors is $1.00. Here I have attached my sponsors’ employment related certificates, relevant financial documents, tax clearance papers and declaration letter including auditor’s report of available assets and liquid money with my application. I have also attached the bank statement of my own account.

My parents arranged our marriage with their blessings and have given us all the love. And now they are ready to spend whatever they have for me. It is my duty to look after them when they get older and need help. This is why I have to come back to Bangladesh with my husband when he is done with his degree to look after my parents and provide full support.

I have no more words to describe my sorrows without my husband to you. I beg you to grant me an Open Work Permit and let me be with my husband. I can promise you that, I will come back to Bangladesh right after my husband completes his degree.

If you need any further information, please contact me by email or phone. Thank you for your time and kindly considering my application.

Best Regards,


Contact Number: +881111111


Note: Sponsor’s employment status, financial documents, tax papers, declaration letter, written explanation of sponsors’ source of money, my current job appointment letter, employment certificate, financial document, photographs of me and my husband and our marriage ceremony with family members, and documents from my husband’s side (scanned copies) have been attached.

Sample Forwarding Letter from Husband (Currently in Canada):

August 00, 2000

High Commission of Canada to Singapore

Subject: Forwarding letter for Open Work Permit (OWP) application of my wife, X

Respected Visa Officer,

I, Y am writing this letter to support my wife’s OWP application. Her name is X, passport no- 1234, date of birth- January 01, 2000 and currently she is living in Bangladesh. Her contact number is +88111111.

I am currently enrolled in a fully funded grad program at the University of ABC in the department of XYZ under the direct supervision of Professor Dr. ZZZ. As part of my degree, I am working on XYZ. I have to go through a lot of studies and conduct many experiments in the field and laboratory regularly. I also provide my service as a Teaching Assistant in the department. Completing all these tasks requires hard work and full concentration, and my wife being thousands of miles away from me, I am finding it very difficult.

I love my wife more than anything. We were in a long relationship since 2000 when we both were studying our undergrad in the same university. We realized our life would be incomplete without each other and to stay together forever, we got married on January 00, 2000.

I am a research oriented person and when I got an offer for working with Professor Dr. ZZZ, I could not resist working under him since he is a very renowned researcher in the field of XYZ. At that time, I did not realize that it would be a big issue to stay apart for 2 years. But now, I am afraid that I may fail to achieve my degree if my wife does not come to me in near future. In Bangladesh when I had all the family support, my position was first in my department and I was able to perform remarkably in every academic aspect which played a great role for me to be awarded with prestigious ZZZ Scholarship in the University of ABC. But now, staying away from my wife and being lonely have caused a negative impact on my academic performance. I am not satisfied with my performance here compared to my previous performances. I have passed one year of my program and the tasks in the last year have become more critical requiring much intense focus. It would be extremely difficult for me to complete all these in such unstable state of mind.

I can understand that there are not many reasons for our personal emotions to touch you. But I wish I could show you how miserably I have been living since we are not together. I left my wife just after 1.5 months of marriage. Even in that time, we could not have some quality time together because I was very busy to arrange everything for coming to Canada. We could not even pass any single special occasion together after marriage. I hope you can understand that it is not possible to visit her in Bangladesh now and then because of insufficient time availability and it would be really expensive as well. All these matters have become a serious obstacle to concentrate on my works and now, my only wish is to stay together with my wife and complete my degree successfully.

We do not have any intention to stay in Canada forever and will leave Canada right after I complete my degree. Her desire to come to Canada is not about money as well since she has been earning a decent salary from her job in Bangladesh. She is applying for an OWP because she does not want to depend on anybody and be self-supported.

In this condition, I urge you to grant my wife’s visa. I am badly in need of her. I have even shared my mental condition to my supervisor and the head of the department. Both have understood my situation and agreed to write for me. Both of their letters are attached with the application.

During my wife’s stay in Canada, all of her expenses will be carried by her parents, me and her own savings. Details of her financial support are attached with her application. Moreover, as she is applying for an OWP, she will try to get a suitable job if her application is approved.

Right now I am living in a 3 bedroom house. Although, my wife can stay here with me for a while as my landlord has no objection in it, we will move to a one-bedroom apartment in university’s residence which is always available whenever she is granted with her OWP.

I am again requesting you from the deepest core of my mind; please let my wife come to me so that I can concentrate on my research.

If you need any further information regarding me or my wife, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time and kind consideration.

Yours Sincerely,


Department of ABC

University of ABC

Contact No: +1 11111


Note: Study permit, Admission offer letter from the university, Funding letter, Official confirmation of enrollment, Bank statement, No Objection Declaration from landlord, supporting letter from the head of the department of ABC at University of ABC, supporting letter from my supervisor Professor Dr. ZZZ have been attached.

SAMPLE-2: Provided by Setu Chakraborty (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

1 May 2017

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Visa Office Singapore


Subject: Application for an Open Work Permit as a dependent of my spouse.

Dear Sir,

I, AAA (Present Passport No.: BBB), in support of my Open Work Permit application (as a dependent of my spouse, CCC, Passport No.: DDD) for my visit to Canada with her, would like to submit following facts in connection with our applications:

1. The purpose of travel:

My spouse, CCC, has got an admission offer from the X University, Canada to conduct her doctoral studies in YYY. Now she is applying for a Study Permit. She wishes my company as it would be really tough for her to cope with the household loads after

taking such a massive pressure from her doctoral studies. It is essential for her to continue her research in a stress free mind. As I am already employed in Bangladesh, another reason of my intention to go to Canada is to explore some new experiences over there.

My spouse has received a decent funding offer from the university to maintain her study expenses. I have sufficient funds for the additional expenses of my living in Canada. In addition, my father in law is sponsoring us to meet up with any crisis in Canada if arises. Therefore, working is not mandatory for my living in Canada, but to continue my career and to gather new experience as well I want to work in Canada while staying. I understand getting work at the beginning of our journey would not be so easy. However, I will stay there to take care of my spouse and am willing to involve myself with suitable working opportunities. There are a large number of employment sectors of similar educational background as mine in Bangladesh. Again, if I get some new experiences from North America it would be highly acceptable here. I have my parents in my country whom I need to take care of. In addition, I have some properties in my country and I will inherit some more from my parents. So it is mandatory for us to come back home after completing my spouse’s study. Meanwhile, after returning home, I hope I can serve my country with new skill and knowledge from the experiences I would get while staying in Canada.

2. Available Fund:

a. Super Savers account balance : 0.00 BDT/ 0.00 CAD

b. Provident Fund Balance : 0.00 BDT/ 0.00 CAD

c. Movable property: Gold : 0.00 BDT/ 0.00 CAD

d. Sponsor’s Current Account balance : 0.00 BDT/ 0.00 CAD

e. Sponsor’s movable property: Gold : 0.00 BDT/ 0.00 CAD

Total (Approximate) : 0.00 BDT/ 0.00 CAD

3. Immovable property:

Land (0.0 decimal) with house (0.0 Sft.): 0.00 BDT/ 0.00 CAD.

4. Application Forms Submitted: IMM 1295, IMM 5645.

5. Documents Submitted:

Under the circumstances mentioned above, I would request you to consider my Open Work Permit application and issue VISA. So that I may get the opportunity to stay with my spouse and at the same time can explore new experiences from Canada.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

TRV Samples: