Schengen Visa Application from Canada

This document is originally written by Kazi Mustafizur Rahman, M.A.Sc. in Telecommunication Engineering (Univeristy of Quebec)

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Year of Publication: 2018

You can apply for Schengen Visa through any member country. Search for your nearest Embassy and apply.

In this note, I am sharing what I used for getting a Schengen Visa for visiting France.

Check list for Schengen Visa through French Embassy:

1. Processing Fee ~90 CAD

2. Original valid passport

3. Schengen visa application form

4. Two recent 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm size photo (UK Passport Photo Size)

5. Re-entry CANADA TRV if you are on STUDY permit

6. Invitation letter (Conference) or you can have a cover letter saying your purpose of trip.

7. Air ticket confirmation

8. Hotel reservation

9. Scholarship Letter from professor (University) - to show funding.

10. Letter from university (professor) is saying that your travel expenses will bear by the university (professor).

11. Your Bank statement (Last three months)

12. Travel health insurance coverage (university health insurance will work if it covers travel, if not you need to buy one may be for 1 month)

After preparing all the documents, just go to the embassy website (in which country are you going to enter first) take an appointment.

Appointment link for France consulate in Montréal

On the same day you have to submit your application in person, give biometric and interview.

Appear in the interview >>> Get you visa stamped in your passport (They will tell you passport collection time).

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

9-10 does not apply to you if you are funding yourself and you are just going as a tourist.