Express Entry Application

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Year of Publication: 2017

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I am eligible for both Provincial Nominee (paper based) as well Express Entry. What should I do?

How can I improve my points in Express Entry :

This is the most asked question. Express Entry is based on 4 main criteria: -Age -Highest level of Education -Work Experience -Language ability Of the 4 criteria , first 3 are constant and you can not do much about it. Make sure you score full point in language proficiency section. If you are married and your spouse is in Bangladesh, have his/her Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) done Language chart:

Credential Assessment :

IELTS CLB Conversion:…/language/charts.asp

Calculate your Express Entry Points:

Change Address while Application in Process:

Some important links :…/too…/perm/express/intake-complete.asp…/document-checklist-fsw-t278095.…