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This document is originally written by Montasir Farhan, M.Eng. (University of Ottawa).

Year of Publication: 2013

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As most of us are always concerned about requirements and tuition fee for self funded programs, I have provided the websites of few universities where the information can be found. Before proceeding please do go through the following questions

1. What is the tuition fee for MEng program in General and how much is the living cost?

Tuition varies from university to university, province to province, depending on the department and program. However in the province of Ontario you can expect tuition fee to vary from 22000-30000 $ excluding living cost.

The living cost also varies from province to province. But mostly it will cost you between 600-1000 / month.

2. I want to take 1 or 2 semesters tuition fee, Is it possible for me to work and earn the tuition fee?

The answer is NO. You can work on/off campus; however, it’s very difficult to get an on campus job since the competition is fierce. For the 1 year MEng program, you will have to do courses or project during summer. If you are serious about studies, it will be very difficult to work and study at the same time. Hence, your option of earning money is summer vacation is gone.

For the 2 years MEng program, some universities do not offer any courses in summer like University of Ottawa. You may be able to work during that time. Again, that should not be your only source of tuition fee.

3) How many courses do I have to complete in order to obtain MEng degree? Do I need to do research or thesis?

Usually you will have to complete 10 courses or 8 courses and a project. This is just a general idea; it varies from university to university.

NO, there is no research, thesis defense; you will just have to complete your required credits.

Queens University (1 year program, tuition fee~16000)

Department website:

Tuition fee information:

Western University: (1 year program, tuition fee~24000)

Department website:

Tuition fee:

University of Ottawa: (2 year program, tuition fee~12000/year)

Department website:

Tuition fee:

Concordia University: (2 year program, tuition fee ~ 13000/ year)

Department Website:

Tuition fee:

Memorial University: (14 months engineering management program, total tuition fee ~24000)

Department Website:

Tuition fee: go to course based program brochure in the above website.

Some Useful Tips: This is my own process

Admission Preparation:

M.Eng. Fund: (Very Important)

Remember, MEngg is a completely self-funded program and if you get an offer letter and show sufficient amount of money, VISA is NOT an issue. This is a relevant professional program for engineers.

Good luck in your admission process.