Do I need GRE for Canada?

Year of Publication: 2012

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Do I need GRE for Canadian Universities?

Two misconceptions needs to be clarified:

1. GRE is not required for admission in Canadian Universities.

2. As GRE is not required, Canadian Universities are of lower quality than US Universities.

Point-1: It is true that only a few Canadian Universities (University of Toronto and McGill) and only some of their Departments ask for GRE scores for Non-Canadian/non-US credentials. However, they also say that GRE is an added qualification. When two candidates having similar other qualities, then GRE scores may be a factor for selection. However, in real scenario, Bangladeshi students compete mostly with Chinese/Indian/Egyptian students having good GRE scores. So, if you can do GRE, you have an advantage but, if you don't write it, try to improve in other selection qualifications.

Point-2: All students who want a graduate admission in USA must write GRE. GRE doesn't signify a student as a researcher. It is a parameter to test your conceptual ability. Any student with moderate CGPA and a good GRE score can get admission in mid/low level US Universities. In case of Canada, CGPA and research experiences are the most valuable criteria for selection in any of the universities. To get into the top US Universities (especially from Biological Sciences), you need to write both general and subject GRE. GRE can overlook your research and academic background. But all three will make sure you get into a good university.

There is no quality difference between any North American Universities; all of them have similar style and state-of-the-art research facilities and so they are collectively called "North American Universities". It's all the same for public Universities in USA or Canada.World raking is important; it doesn't matter whether you are in USA or in Canada or any part of the world. However, as graduate students, we feel lab and PI are the most important factors.